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Come and join us at Caversham Health and Fitness Club 

At Club CHF, the Fitness and Health Club in Caversham, we are ready to help you to take action, to achieve that happier and healthier new you!

Let Club CHF help you to plan a bespoke health and fitness plan, that may include a detox, the gym, some outside excercise, a game of squash, a massage, Pranic healing or a CACI facial.

We believe that creating a truly healthy lifestyle includes both mental and physical wellness. Feeling relaxed and happy when exercising makes you come back for more. Being amongst friends and having good relationships with our staff, will make you learn more about your particular health and fitness needs.

With our support and motivation, you will want to keep coming back to see us -. To see some of our fitness options go to Fitness.

Come and talk to one of our team about how today to make this the start of the new healthier and happier you!