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'I was so incredibly unfit when I joined Club CHF and had tried several other gyms in the area before, but had always felt uncomfortable due to my size and fitness levels. The moment I joined Club CHF I was made to feel welcome and completely at ease. I have gone from being a complete couch potato to being someone who attends gym classes 5-6 times a week. My fitness levels have increased beyond anything I thought I was capable of. The social aspect of the Club is what keeps me going back, everyone is so friendly and encouraging. It really has changed my life, I cannot recommend it highly enough!'

- Lindsey Jones, CHF Member  (Sept 2017)


'As soon as I joined Club CHF I was made to feel at ease and welcomed as a new member. The staff were keen to show me how equipment operated and also assured me that if I ever needed help or assistance, someone would always be around to support me. I think it is relatively simple for any business, be it a gym or otherwise, to offer good customer service however I commend everyone at Club CHF as staff go above and beyond their requirements to give a friendly and personal service which really sets them apart, and has certainly made my experience with Club CHF all the more enjoyable. 

I would certainly recommend the club to anyone seeking a gym with staff who show passion, dedication and interest in their clients and I feel that whilst a professional relationship has been maintained, I have also made some wonderful friends with both staff and indeed other members.'

- Imogen Parfitt, CHF Member (June 2013)


Club CHF is such a friendly gym and the staff always make you feel welcome no matter your level of fitness - even if you've never been to a gym before, like me. The trainers are just great! They give you advice, help you set a personalised schedule and it's so easy to book in for a free review. There's a great choice of classes too and the instructors are really hands on. It doesn't matter if you'd never tried something before because you're shown exactly what to do and they'll gently correct your technique if necessary.

If you're thinking of joining a gym why don't you give CHFC a try - you'll be glad you did!

- Caroline H, CHF Member (March 2013)


'I started off in the gym, doing my own thing and because I was off work I was able to come during the day when it was quiet.  This was a great help as my confidence started to, slowly, build.  After a while I got speaking to Caroline who was one of the trainers.  She took the time to talk to me about what I wanted to achieve, why was I there, what were my goals etc.  She helped me work out a gym routine to focus on the areas I wanted to work on (which was everywhere!).  I would visit the gym a couple of times a week, collect my workout sheet from the drawer and do my thing and it was great to see a familiar and encouraging face.  The biggest surprise, apart from the fact that no one was laughing at me, was the fact that I was actually enjoying it.  Who knew exercise could be fun!'  read more on our blog...

- Claire Richardson, CHF Member


'I signed up to the new starters PT challenge in November 2011 and Andy was my trainer. Firstly, he’s a very likable chap who listened to what I hoped to achieve and then explained how he believed this could be best achieved.

I then had two sessions with Andy before I went away overseas for a month. In these sessions Andy showed me a series of exercises that were suited to my requirements and abilities, then drew me up a workout routine. He also tailored the routine, bearing in mind that I was going to be nowhere near a gym for a month which was an excellent touch (using a rucksack instead of dumbbells, etc.) His knowledge of exercise techniques and advice on my diet and its effects on the human body was impressive and reassuring. In the sessions he pushed me to work hard but knew when I was starting to struggle so rest breaks were given. Consequently I enjoyed the sessions immensely and stuck to the routines for the majority of my visits to the gym. I don’t think this would have been the case if I’d not enjoyed the routines and had not started to feel the progress I was making.

I also found Andy very approachable in the gym and a couple of times he showed me cardio exercises at my request outside of the PT sessions as I was feeling the effects of running on my knees. With Andy’s help I achieved my pre-trip goals of losing a bit of weight and getting up to 5 mile runs, something I was extremely pleased with.

I had my final session with Andy after returning from my trip as he’d been ill on our final session of last December. Again, it was a hard but fun session and I’ve no doubt it will burn the trips excesses off in no time!

There was a mishap with my PT challenge whereby I was never given a signing in or out card when signing up, so it couldn’t be proved that I’d done the 20 sessions in 2 months required (I did 22 in 5 weeks according to my diary), but Andy sorted this out on my behalf, again good customer service.

Andy has helped me with his knowledge to achieve my goals in the future and I know he’ll always make time for me in future visits. I am extremely happy with what Andy has done for me and would highly recommend his skills to anyone else. I will certainly be booking him for future sessions when my goals change.'

- Steve Thompson, CHF Member

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